URGENT....Creating a new dir frm client in server machine

Discussion in 'Java' started by compstudy, Feb 18, 2006.

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    I would like to knw: In JAVA, how shld i create new directory in a server machine as a result of an action of client interaction?
    i.e suppose one client is uploading a file to the server.I want to create a directory in the server with the name of dir. as d name of d file to be uploaded and dis dir. will contain the uploaded file.
    Plz reply to my query
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    It depends upon your requirement.

    As an example suppose you name the files in your server as ClientUniqueId+FileUniqueId then its better to have a single folder for all the uploads.

    If you have just a filename then its better to have the Client Folder created. There is no hard and fast rule but just what is better in your situation and can easily be understood.

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