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Discussion in 'JSP' started by nishi.kishore, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    my problem is as follows :
    i am creating a web application and the name of my web application is "uploading".
    the directory hierarchy is as follows :
    src is for source code and WebRoot contains the jsp pages and WEB-INF folder.
    in one of jsp pages (upload.jsp) i want to create a code for uploading only the .doc file(resume of the students) into the database. my database specification is as follows :
    database environment : mysql
    database name : test
    table : student
    columns : id varchar(20), name varchar(20), file blob(200).
    now after the uploading of .doc files, i want to retrieve each resume using a hyperlink in user.jsp.
    please prove me a solution as mentioned above.
    thanks in advance
    nishi kishore

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