New TV Drama Series Now Casting Many Types

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    "Mercy", a new medical drama TV series, is now casting major roles for the show's first season which starts filming in Mid-September.

    This show will be a powerful ensemble drama about the professional and personal lives of three different nurses who work at Mercy Hospital.

    "Mercy" is being written by Liz Heldens, and will be directed by Adam Bernstein.

    The show is being produced by Gretchen J. Berg and Lloyd Braun for Berman-Braun Productions.

    Send emails to by September 8th for more info.



    "Erika Morris", any ethnicity, 20s. Erika is an energetic, sociable, and attractive young woman who is preparing for her wedding to her boyfriend Ron. Erika loves to go out and dance to live music with her female friends. But one evening, there is a fire during a show. Erika and her friends get minor injuries from the incident and end up having to get medical help. Her boyfriend Ron quickly comes to see her and make sure that she is recovering well. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Yelena", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. Yelena is a mysterious, alluring, and pretty woman who speaks with a European accent. She has a touch of innocence about her despite her cosmopolitan appearance. Yelena is spending some time with Dr. Harris at the hospital. Soon many of the other doctors begin wondering out loud if they are a couple. PRINCIPAL ROLE

    "Mercy Hospital Intern", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. This young woman is a studious, sharp, and fresh-faced medical intern who always likes to have the right answer. She is trying to figure out how to give a certain type of vaccination by looking through a textbook, but she is dismayed to find that someone else knows the answer before her. PRINCIPAL ROLE

    "Linda Kalinowski", Caucasian, 40s - 50s. Linda is an honest and humble working-class woman who gets attacked by a racoon and ends up having to get medical help. Linda has spent most of her life life working in factories. She is married to a very loving husband named Leo, who is worried about her situation. But Linda ends up getting the help she needs and turns out okay. CO-STARRING ROLE.

    "Doris Hudgens", any ethnicity, 50s. Doris is a stern, uptight, and no-nonsense pharmacist who refuses to sell Chloe the medication that her friend Linda needs. Doris follows the rules strictly, and she explains that she would have to get official approval from the Health Department in order to sell Chloe the medication that she is requesting. PRINCIPAL ROLE


    "Ron", any ethnicity, 20s. Ron is a clean-cut, lovestruck, and concerned recent college grad who is excited about getting married to his cute girlfriend Erika. Ron comes from a middle-class background and is somewhat conservative in his appearance. While many of his friends are traveling around after college, Anthony has decided to take the old-fashioned route and marry his college sweetheart. When Ron finds out that there was a fire at the music club where his girlfriend has gone, he quickly drives to the location to make sure that she's okay. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Anthony", African-American, 20s. Anthony is a reckless, mischievious, and yet friendly young guy who constantly seems to be coming into conflict with authority figures. He is an appealing young man with many close friends but he likes to live on the edge a bit too much. Whenever he gets into a bind, Anthony turns to his sister Sonia for help. He is very close with his older sister and she in turn always looks out for him. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Emcee", any ethnicity, 30s. This guy is an outgoing, funny, and slightly tacky host of a weekly trivia contest at a small drinking establishment. He tries to have a sense of humor about his role as host, and often jokes around with the audience.

    "Wally Sims", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Wally is a humble, professional, and cordial neighborhood pharmacist from whom Chloe tries to get some prescription medication. Chloe urgently explains to Wally that someone has been bitten by a racoon and needs medicine. Wally dutifully checks his supply but he cannot find the medication she is looking for. He is professional and sympathetic to the situation but he gently tells Chloe that she will have to go elsewhere. PRINCIPAL ROLE

    "Orderly", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. This orderly is a serious and hard-working hospital official at Mercy who files the paperwork on the patient Erika. He explains to his superiors that this patient has come back to the hospital the day after she was released.

    "Justin Kalinowski", Caucasian, 18 - 22. Justin is a talkative, tactless, and chubby kid who often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He constantly ends up being funny without realizing it because he says out loud what no one else is willing to say. PRINCIPAL ROLE

    "Dr. Chen", Asian, 20s - 30s. Dr. Chen is a geeky, disheveled, and awkward recent med school graduate who is just beginning to learn the medical profession by observing Dr. Talbot at Mercy Hospital. Dr. Chen often seems clutzy as he tags along and watches what Dr. Talbot does all day long. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Leo Kalinowski", Caucasian, 40s - 50s. Leo is a physically large, rural, and loyal husband of Linda who originally grew up in a sparsely-populated region of the South. Leo is very concerned when he finds out that his wife Linda has been attacked by a racoon. He wants to do anything he can to help her when she is recovering. Leo even goes so far as to find the racoon which attacked her and bring it to the doctors so they can check if it was rabid. Leo is there for his wife the whole time that she is recovering. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Dr. Fife", any ethnicity, 50s. Dr. Fife is a calm, rational, and caring doctor who is very good at making his patients feel comfortable. He settles a heated dispute between Dr. Talbot and Sonia, and then quickly gets back to his duty. PRINCIPAL ROLE

    "Father Agostino Morelli", Caucasian, 50s - 60s. Father Agostino is a thoughtful and wise Catholic priest who is well-respected and revered by the people in his section of town. Father Agostino is having a discussion with Veronica about her marriage, and he gives her some frank and honest criticism during their talk.

    Please send photos and resumes by September 8th to for more information!

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