Trying to troubleshoot a code involving a 'while' loop

Discussion in 'C' started by Von Fuzzball, May 4, 2011.

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    So, I'll just come out and say that I'm new to C programming. I took an introduction class for it this semester and I'm currently creating a code of my own.

    The program is meant to calculate the time it would take for two galaxies to merge after meeting. Treating them both as point-masses, here are the inputs:

    R = distance between the galaxies = 0.45 (kpc)
    Mtot = total mass of the two galaxies = 3762e39 (kg)
    v = velocity of the approaching galaxy = 150 (km/s)

    The program plugs that into the equation for C and T = (2*Pi*v*R^2)/(C*G*Mtot) and outputs the value for T, which comes out to be 1.87 x 10^9.

    What I'm trying to do with the second part is have the program able to return that T in increments. For example, when T = 1 x 10^9 (1 billion years), then the other galaxy is ___ kpc away, and so on. And I want it to be able to do this starting from the initial R, 0.45 kpc, and ending when R = 0.

    Here's the code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    double G, T, Mtot, R, v, B, A, C, Pi, distance;
    int main (void)
    G = 6.67e-11;
    Pi = 3.14159;
    printf("Enter the combined mass of the systems (kg):");
    scanf("%lf", &Mtot);
    printf("Enter distance between galaxies (kpc):");
    scanf("%lf", &R);
    printf("Enter the relative velocity of the approaching galaxy (km/s):");
    scanf("%lf", &v);
    while (R > 1.0e-21)
    C = ((pow(v,2))/2.0) - (G*Mtot)/R;
    T = (2.0*Pi*v*(pow(R,2)))/(C*G*Mtot);
    printf("\nWhen T = %d years",T);
    printf("  then the other galaxy is %f kpc away",R);
    It compiles and runs fine, but it returns the T values backwards. As in, it returns that when T = 1.87..., R = 0.45 (the initial R value), when it should be the flipped. R should be 0 when T = 1.87...

    Could someone tell me how I could essentially reverse the order of the output? Or perhaps point out in my code why it's printing the results this way? Any help would be appreciated.

    The compiler I use is Cygwin, by the way.
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    Jan 22, 2011
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    printf("\nWhen T = %d years",T);

    since T is declared as double use %g instead of %d in the above line of code

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