Trying to create a variable that holds 15 items

Discussion in 'C++' started by Kenneth Reid, Dec 29, 2021.

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    How would I create a variable that holds the following information:

    string Data["Current Assets", "Current Liabilities", "Inventory", "Total Debt", "Total Assets", "Profit Before Taxes", "Interest Charges", "Annual Lease Obligations", "Fixed Charges", "Sales", "Receivables", "Sales per day", ["Fixed Assets", "Net Profit After Taxes", "Net Worth"];

    I am trying to setup this variable (Data) to hold 15 items of data to be used for a screen printout and/or a hard copy printout of data. Each item represents the "name of a row of information (which will be used for various business ratio analyses).

    The way I have it setup above is giving me all kinds of errors, I'm not sure how this should be setup. This information, along other information will be saved to disk once the "function" has completed various calculations.

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