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How To Get Traffic From Search Engines

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by ethanjames, May 28, 2009.

  1. ethanjames

    ethanjames New Member

    Mar 23, 2009
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    The method that I am about to teach you will show you "How To Get Traffic From Search Engines" in three easy simple steps; although, please keep in mind that this method is brilliant for long-term traffic rather than short-term.

    1. Researching the Right Keyword(s):
    Before you can actually begin to receive traffic from Search Engines, you will need to ‘master’ certain keywords that are commonly searched in Search Engines. In this article, we will be using the “Keywords Tracker” tool to find out an estimated figure of how many searches keywords receive a day.

    Simply use the tool to research keywords that you would like to become listed in the Top 10 search engine results and write them down on a list. I would recommend in using keyword phrases rather than single keywords as they will be easier to compete with, e.g. use “face book unblock” rather than “unblock”.

    2. Facing the Competition:
    It is important that you try and not to choose keywords that already have high competition as the chances of being listed in the Top #10 search engine results may be extremely low. In this case, we are going to be using Google as it gets more traffic than any other search engine, but this does not you should only pay attention to Google as there is a lot of traffic available from Yahoo and MSN. At this stage, you should already have a list of keywords; now all you need to do is simply search the keywords that you have chosen with quotation marks, e.g. “face book unblock”.

    You should then be able to see a massive list of websites competing with those same keywords. You will be able to use these results to find out if the competition is strong or weak; what you should look for to judge the strength of the competition is the majority of the websites that have the keywords or keyword phrase in their Page Title, if either they are being listed for a single keyword or for the entire phrase and how many domains that are focused on the keywords/keyword phrase.

    Repeat this step with all the keywords that you have written down on your list and choose only 7 keywords that have regular or weak competition and have a decent amount of search engine searches.

    3.Getting listed in the Top 10:
    You will have to make sure that you have used the keywords/phrase in your Meta Tags (Page Title, Description and Keywords) and it is extremely important that you have the keywords written as many times as possible on your index page. You can use the Meta Tag Analyzer tool to analyze the effectiveness of your meta tags your page (recommended).

    Once that is done, then you will need to get as many back-links as you can; this is because the higher Page-Rank you have, then the better chances you have of becoming listed in the Top #10. There are many ways of getting back-links, but some of the free way’s of this is through linking to your proxy on your Forum Signature, Forum Post’s, Directories, Social Bookmarking, Blog Comments, Link Exchanging...etc.

    TheProxyCommunity Tips 'n' Tricks:
    - Use the phrase in your domain, for example, if your keyword phrase is "facebook unblock" then buy a domain name that contains that phrase, e.g. "facebookunblocksite.info".
    - Use more than one keyword, phrases tend to perform better and easier to compete with.
    - Don't compete with yourself, by this I mean don't create more than one proxy using the same keywords and/or content.
    - Backlinks, Backlinks and more Backlinks, this will get you listed higher up on the results page.
  2. yohan

    yohan New Member

    Jun 26, 2009
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    When choosing keywords, there are some tools that can help you to get the right keywords you wanted.. Here are some of the keywords I usually use:


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