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New Title Bar control [.Net]

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by ManzZup, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I juz thought of sharing this title bar i made for an app. No maximize button as its meant for a full screen app. But perfectly ok with a normal app too.


    1) Download the control

    2) Drag drop the title bar to the toolbox.

    3) Customize the form to suit the control
    @ Make the control box, text, icon properties of the form to false to remove the deafult thing.
    @ A blck bg would suit the title bar most cuz it has round edges and suits more for a full screen app.

    4) Now you have to initialize the control to display the app name, icon (optional) and the mail form.

    in the form load add
    titlebar.setForm("Your application name", me,  "image file for the icon ex: my.resources.icon" )
    setForm method: +1 overload

    setForm(ByVal frm as Form, ByVal name as String)
    setForm(ByVal frm as From, ByVal name as String, ByVal icn as Image)


    dont forget to make the dock property to top so that the title bar rezises like the real one :D

    Hope ya like it :D
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