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Discussion in 'MySQL' started by SuNcO, Sep 13, 2006.

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    have a table with some like this fields :

    order, client_name, unit, type

    1 - nobody - 1 - orange
    2 - me - 2 - yellow
    3 - another - 1 - black
    1 - nobody - 1 - orange
    1 - nobody - 1 - orange

    I want to make a select that return GROUP by "type" field but at same
    time the SUM or "unit". Ok, works fine, but now i want to "order" must
    be UNIQUE.. i mean, the SUM in this case return 6 instead 4

    What can i do ? I use MySQL 4.1.18

    The select that i use in this case is :

    select type, sum(unit) from table group by type

    The expected result is :

    orange, 1
    yellow, 1
    black, 1
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    Your expected result doesn't match your example.

    If you want the information to return orange,1 yellow,2 black,1 then use SELECT DISTINCT:
    SELECT DISTINCT unit, type FROM table;

    However once you start including aggregate functions you will always have problems. Also, on a completely different point, don't use reserved words as field names (i.e. "order" and "type") - it isn't good practice and it'll cause problems later on.

    My advice - upgrade to MySQL 5 at least, then you can include sub-queries

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