how do you put struct pointers into functions?

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    This is my struct

    typedef struct{
    char first[20];
    char last[20];
    int nums[6];
    this is my function prototype

    void writeRecord (RECORD* , FILE*, int);
    this is my functions

    void writeRecord (RECORD* people, FILE* fp, int num_people){
    in my main i put
     	RECORD* people;
    people = (RECORD*) malloc(num_people*sizeof (RECORD));
    writeRecord(people, fp, num_people); 
    can you guys tell me where i'm going wrong.

    these are the errors i get in microsoft visual c++ 2008

    these all point to the prototype
    syntax error: ')'
    syntax error: ','
    syntax error: missing ')' before '*'
    syntax error: missing '{' before '*'

    these point to the function
    writeRecord: redifinition; different basic types

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