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Discussion in 'C++' started by vin_pll, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Hello experts,

    i have one query which i am not able to solve please suggest me my problem is i have to open a filedescriptor and have to store the contents in streambuffer,

    int main () {
     char ch;
     streambuf * pbuf;size_t size;
      ifstream istr(const char *)fd);
      pbuf = istr.rdbuf();
      while (pbuf->sgetc()!=EOF)
         ch = pbuf->sbumpc();
         cout << ch;
      return 0;
    but here the line
    ifstream istr(const char *)fd);
    is not properly interpreting thats why there is no out put

    if i simply give
    ifstream istr(fd);
    it gives me error as this method does not exist,
    please helop me what to do but i want the result in <b>streambuffer</b> because this is the input for some other module in my project pleasesuggest what are the different way i can get so the i get the contents in <b>streambuffer.</b>

    thanks in advance.

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