strange problem with shared memory

Discussion in 'Unix' started by sharmila, May 25, 2007.

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    I got a problem with shared memory.
    Here our linux system is sharing by 2 users. We have an application which will generate a shared memory segemnt and is used by all the users. That segment is related to fonts.If the other user is owner for this segment then I am not able to get the fonts on my display. But if I am the user then we both are getting the fonts. Not able to understand why it is so..permissions on that segment is 777 only.
    when I am trying to figure out the difference b/w both the accounts, actually I am logging as an NIS user where as she is having local machine account. but this is not giving problem, b'caz I tried by using another local system account, stiil we have the same issue.
    Please help me to know exactly where the problem is...

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