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How to stop breaking at reset

Discussion in 'C' started by RouseA, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. RouseA

    RouseA Guest

    I am developing a number of projects for STM32 processors using Eclipse, gcc, gdb and an Olimex ARM-USB-OCD jTag dongle.

    All works well, but every time I relaunch the project in debug mode the code stops at address 0x08000000. The debug window displays 'No source available for "g_pfnVectors() " '. I can run the program to proceed to the next breakpoint, but it is a minor annoyance that this always happens. Furthermore I suspect it is using up one of the 6 breakpoints provided by the STM32, which restricts debugging.

    I launch gdb with the following commands:

    target remote localhost:3333
    monitor reset init
    monitor reset init
    break main

    The first breakpoint it should hit is therefore at main(), which is where it stops after breaking at 0x08000000. If I add 'continue' at the end of the gdb commands it doesn't break at 0x08000000, nor at main(), and not even at any other breakpoints I may have manually added!

    Any ideas would be welcomed

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