Steps For Sharing Printer In Home Network

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by rockaway, Apr 3, 2008.

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    1)Go to "Add Printer Wizard" and enable/select "A network printer or printer attached to another computer" option.

    2)Go to "Printer And Faxes" option and right click then select "Sharing..." option.

    3)Then a window will open type name of your shared printer then click "OK"

    4)A window will get opened with a selected option then click on "Next".

    5)A browser window will get opened then click on the shared printer and press "Next".

    6)Then a window asking for "Apply" option will get opened

    click for applying the changes then click "OK" and then "Close" the windows that are opened.

    In this way you can connect or share you printer to local Computer.
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    Dude this is the best thing ever! I can print from a network printer??? Wow, I never ever ever knew that! can I print to my local printer as well? If I can that would be so very cool! lol.

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