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SSL with SocketAsyncEventArgs?

Discussion in 'C#' started by jcexited, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. jcexited

    jcexited New Member

    Sep 2, 2010
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    I'm developing a socket server using C# .NET. I'm using the async model provided by the SocketAsyncEventArgs class, because it must be a high performance server to support many connections in short periods of time. Next, I want to secure the communication between clients and server, and I think I could use SSL.

    Is there any way of using SSL with the SocketAsyncEventArgs model? I know .NET has the SslStream class for SSL securing, but I need to use SocketAsyncEventArgs for high performance.

    Is it possible to use SSL in an upper level, without implementing it in the server code?

    Thanks in advance.

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