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    im doing php web developing.

    We are a web design company. We provide these service

    • web design
    • web developing
    • system maintain
    • web application
    • online buying and selling
    • online booking
    • web publish
    • web site updating
    • free web design
    • web hosting
    • domain name
    • searching system

    So you can get these all service from us.

    Our prices

    * For 5 web pages with contact-us page 7500 Rs.

    * Web hosting and domain name also for low cost

    * Free web hosting and free domain name for more than 30000 Rs cost web site.

    * 30% discount for selected web site. Any cost.

    * Free maintains

    ---- Web site handover duration ---

    * Minimum one week for basic web site. For 5 web pages.

    *What are the benefits you can get from your web site?

    1 You can get email address from your web site.
    2 people can visit you service.
    3 you can increase your guest.
    4 from any country people can get you contact details and they can get idea about you service.
    5 you can invite to new client/guest from your web site.
    6 in feature every one search on the internet, so if you don’t have a web site its may be a very difficult task for you.
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