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Discussion in 'C++' started by lastpeony, Oct 15, 2017.

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    I have a linked list with string and int content.i can do operations on it like deleting,adding updating or printing etc.. the problem is i need to print them with respect to their numbers in descending order. Right now im adding new nodes to end of list so it prints old to new.

    Should i sort them while adding or printing ? i guess i should sort them in adding function.i added comments possible place to do sorting.code is below
    //list.h content
    struct node{
           std::string  data;
           int point;
           node* next;
       typedef struct node* nodePtr;
       nodePtr head;
       nodePtr curr;
       nodePtr temp;
       // addnode function
       void list::AddNode(string addData,int addPoint){
       nodePtr n = new node; //nodePtr is node*
       n->next=NULL; //find node n is pointing to, access its next element make it point to null
       n->data= addData;
       n->point= addPoint;
       if(head != NULL) { // if we have at least 1 element in the list .
       curr = head; // take the current pointer we are working with and make it same with head pointer pointing to.(current= front of list).
       while(curr->next !=NULL){ // are we at the end of the list.
       curr = curr->next;//we are not end of the list.curr pointer points next node. should i do sorting here ?
       curr->next = n;
       }else{ //if we dont have at least 1 element in the list.
           head =n;
    //print function
    void list::PrintList(){
       curr = head;
       while(curr !=NULL){
           cout<<curr->data<<" "<<curr->point<<endl;
           curr = curr->next;
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