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    Our submission team have time and ability to submit software from other developers. So we decided to make additional service and offer software submission service for you and your company.

    In our list we have 900+ software directories which accept submissions and our specialists are ready to start promotion any moment. If you have released new version or completely new software our submission service will help you to get new customers. Any kind of software can be submitted – shareware, freeware, demo etc.

    The cost is just $59.95 for submission to ALL sites in list (not just to 50 or 100 as others do) and the work will be done in up to 5 business days. We can also provide you with various reports on demand.

    We will answer any your questions – please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

    Hope to see you in our customers list.

    Sincerely, Alex

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