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New Sitcom 'THE PINK HOUSE' Now Casting for March

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by CastNotice, Feb 21, 2010.

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    "The Pink House", a new upcoming comedy TV series, is now casting its major leading roles for its first season which begins filming in March.

    This new sitcom will be about two Midwestern guys who spontaneously decide move out to Los Angeles before they settle down in life.

    "The Pink House" is being written by Kenny Schwartz and Rick Wiener. The program is set to premiere in Fall 2010.

    The show will be produced by Scott Stuber, Rick Wiener, and Kenny Schwartz for Stuber Productions.

    Send emails to ComedyTalent@gmail.com by February 26th for more info.



    "Emily", any ethnicity, 20s. Emily is a pretty, spunky, and unpretentious Chicago girl who has recently moved out to Southern California. She lives right near the beach and loves the location. While she is clearly an attractive young woman, she's also not obsessed with maintaining her looks. She is straightforward and honest, but in a sincere and well-meaning manner. Emily currently works in the pharmaceutical industry but she hopes for a more fulfilling career one day in the future. SERIES REGULAR

    "Jamie", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Jamie is an ambitious and very materialistic woman who comes from a working-class Midwestern family. She has a classic beauty to her and she puts a lot of effort into maintaining it. She plans to eventually get married to a multi-millionaire who can support her. But in the meantime she is content to hang out with Fitz and Bernie. While Jamie can often be a judgmental person, she is still a close and caring friend of Emily. STARRING ROLE

    "Maggie", Caucasian, 40s - 50s. Maggie is a tacky but humorous middle-aged woman who smokes a lot and likes to go after younger men. She also likes to sunbathe on the beach. Maggie is the landlord of Fitz and Bernie's house in Manhattan Beach. She seems determined to get Bernie to go out with her. Despite her tackiness, Maggie is still likable for being herself with no excuses. SERIES REGULAR


    "Fitz", any ethnicity, 20s. Fitz is a charming, athletic, and pragmatic young man who also has a secret wild side under the surface. He grew up in Minnesota and went to college there, but his buddy Bernie has recently convinced him to move out west to California instead of settling down. Fitz is normally not one to take major chances in life, but his friend has now talked him into embarking on this adventure, and the two of them end up getting a house on the beach near the Pacific Ocean. SERIES REGULAR

    "Bernie", any ethnicity, Mid 20s - 30s. Bernie is an adventurous, irreverent, cocky, and intelligent guy who loves to break the rules and take chances. He is quite skilled at talking other people into doing almost anything. And things generally work out well for him. Bernie doesn't believe in the concept of working toward mundane long-term goals----he is instead very much focused on enjoying the present moment. Despite his uncontrollable spontaneity, he is nonetheless a loyal and trustworthy friend. STARRING ROLE

    Please send photos and resumes by February 26th to ComedyTalent@gmail.com for more information!


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