singly-linked lists problem, PLEASE heeelp!!!

Discussion in 'C' started by 5150, Apr 21, 2009.

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    this is maybe too much to ask but I'm really in a trouble...:sick:
    I need a solution to this next problem for my school, and i need it in a next few days...:anxious:

    Write a code in C using singly linked lists.Program should determine symmetrical difference of two sets, A and B.

    P.S., I need it in C, not C++...

    pleeease help, you have no idea how much you would help me...:unsure:

    Thanks in advance...:sick:
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    When I'm stuck on complicated issues I get a pen and paper and work out what needs doing by drawing boxes representing structures and arrows representing pointers. I find writing linked list code confusing, I don't do it often, so normally I need to draw stuff out like this to make sure I get everything.

    Once you've worked out how it works on paper, writing the code is usually a fairly trivial task. Try it! When you're stuck, post the code you've got and we'll try to help you see what is wrong and why.

    Do the linked lists containing sets A and B already exist and all you have to do is find differences?

    > this is maybe too much to ask

    Depends what you're asking. If you're hoping go4expert is a free homework service, sorry, although sometimes people will post code (but you still have to verify that it works OK). But we'll help you learn, and that's what the above is all about.

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