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Serial Communication Problem

Discussion in 'C++' started by mrx3cas, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. mrx3cas

    mrx3cas New Member

    Jul 2, 2010
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    For the purpose of serial communication I am created two applications in vb6.0 and I am used SaxComm control for this purpose.

    I am deployed both applications in two different pcs and both pcs are connected with null modem cable.

    I want to assign the data entered in the text box of first application to the text box of second application.

    From the first application I am sending data using the following code to write data to a serial port.

    SaxComm1.output=Text1.Text 'Name of the text box is Text1

    I am receiving data in the second application like below.

    In the receive event of SaxComm control I am written the following code for the purpose of receiving data.

    I tried this in two ways.

    First Way

    SaxComm1.InputMode = comInputModeBinary
    Dim Buffer() As Byte
    ReDim Buffer(SaxComm1.InBufferCount - 1)
    Buffer = SaxComm1.Input
    MsgBox (Buffer)
    Dim I As Integer
    For I = 0 To UBound(Buffer) - 1
    Text1.SelText = str(Buffer(I))
    Next I

    Second Way

    SaxComm1.InputMode = comInputModeText
    Dim str As String
    SaxComm1.InputLen = 0
    str = SaxComm1.Input
    Text1.Text =str

    when I want to assign it text box the data is not coming properly as how I am entered in the first system.

    in the first way when I entered HI it shown the data in the text box as 84.

    in the second way nothing is showing in the text box.

    I kept watch on str. the value of str is shown as like below


    what is the problem exactly and can anybody tell me what modification i need to do if I want to assign the text what I entered in the first application as its in the text box of second application??

    when I used MSComm32 control I am able to do the same thing.I am getting issue with SaxComm control only.

    Thanks in advance.

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