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New Search Engines Launching August 1

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by usalocalsearch, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. usalocalsearch

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    Jul 21, 2006
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    I was messing around in between web design jobs and seo jobs last year when I decided to make my own state search engine at www.wisconsinlocal.info (the prototype name was ya-hey.com). Anyway, a lot of people gave me really good feedback on the search engine and it encouraged me to make a network of local search engines. I now have one for the entire US at www.USALocalSearch.us and one for each state at www.AlabamaLocal.info through www.WyomingLocal.info.

    I actually am still bringing 8 states online, but the rest are there and they have started indexing their respective areas.

    Please try these search engines and give me your feedback. Forgive me if the search engines are still alittle dumb, they are only days old. They learn really fast though! I will be adding a free web site submission page for a short time to get the database rolling, so you webmasters can get your web sites indexed and your client's web sites indexed with great page position.

    An Important SEO fact: Linking to relevant content improves your own site in the search rankings, as well as the site you're linking to. If those links are an important keyword phrase for the page you are adding the link to, then your site will also improve for that specific phrase.

    Example: Google "Best Permanent Car Wax" You'll see a site called The Best Car Wax Ain't Car Wax with links to www.ya-hey.com search results, because they rank high in our search engine. This in turn, promotes their Google page rank, as our directory creates 4 links to their web site from relevant content pages and allows their site to increase their keyword phrase density in a legitimate way that the search engines won't ban.

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