Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest

    Open Contest for Software Programmers from the Philippines , Malaysia, India and China

    To make one of our websites number 1 in Google.

    Try and the first placer will be awarded with US$ 1,000, a certification of honor by our company and a great Job-offer. The second placer will be honored with US$ 500.

    Your content must be search engine friendly in such that it will be indexed in top search engines based on the given keyword.

    Our company has more than 50 websites about cities in China with domain-names all beginning with (www).12 followed by the city name and the extension .com.

    For example: (www),(www), (www)
    A listing of all the websites can be found on each of the websites.

    The source code of each websites can be downloaded from the Internet; additional information is available through intercompanyrs[@]

    The competition or the challenge is to make any of our websites for at least 21 days in a row number 1, by changing or updating the source-program without harming the essentials of the lay out of the website given.

    The first developer who reaches this level of results, with the website where we have implemented his source-software and ideas will be the winner.

    As soon as you think you will participate in the contest, you have to send an Email to our contest-coordinator at intercompanyrs[@]; by returning mail you will receive a letter of confirmation by us.

    As soon as you have your contribution or source-update ready to be implemented in any of our websites, you have to contact us to receive the name of one specific (city) website.
    This domain name linked to the website about one of the cities in China will be during 10 days exclusively reserved for your new source-program. Before the end of the 10 days we expect you to send the totally correct source to us to be uploaded in our own server. Uploading by us will be done within 3 days after receiving.

    The program, new source or contribution by you will be used running exclusively on the domain name or website of the city connected to your name for this competition.
    For a period of at least 3 month, unless someone else did win the competition.

    What is the targeted key phrase?
    This is always one word, the name of the city or the country; this will be given as soon as your registration is confirm same time where you got your website which you will be doing optimization.

    How can I enter?
    In order to help us identify you as a participant during the contest you need to:
    Fill out Registration form (all fields are required!)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest - Registration
    Last Name



    Email Address

    Mobile Phone



    (Own Website)

    A domain name and website will be given.
    Every optimization techniques are allowed except actions or a way of programming determinate as illegal by any of the search engines, or bringing our website in a situation of risk to continue on the long term.
    No multiple entries are allowed - ONE URL per one participant

    Facts and sheets
    1.Write an article or a web content text on the assigned website based on the given keyword.
    2.Make it search engine friendly and informative enough for readers.
    3.Provide a suggested font and format for your article
    4.If you're a web developer and know hard-code, we accept suggestions, comments and changes in the method of the project but the layout/design should be the same.
    5.Email us your finish article and suggestions.
    6.Monitor the ranking of your assigned website using the keyword in top search engines.
    7.You can update/modify your article/web content text within the contest period.
    8.For questions and clarifications, don't hesitate to email us from time to time to update your website.

    How will we determine the winner?
    We won't …. but the 1 December 2008, website that is rank #1 in for the longest time without interruption for at least 21 days, will be the winner.

    This contest will start July 15, 2008 and ends at least at or before December 1, 2008. The results and contributions based on this contest and the copyrights on the
    source, database and software used on our websites belongs to Intercompany Remote Services Sdn. Bhd. …. Philippines / Malaysia .

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