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Scandinavian Relocation Virtual Fair, 25th- 26th June

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by elsaBP, Jun 3, 2013.

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    If you speak fluent Swedish and are looking to relocate or find a new opportunity in Europe, then make a date in your diary to visit our new Virtual Scandinavian Relocation Fair which will run online from 25th- 26th June 2013.

    The Bilingual People Scandinavian Relocation Recruitment Fair is the only exhibition of its kind dedicated to recruitment for Scandinavian speaking candidates, using a virtual platform which will allow you interactive access to European wide companies and recruitment agencies seeking to recruit Swedish speaking candidates from the comfort of your own home/ computer.

    You will have the chance to chat, and discuss employment opportunities ONLINE with HR professionals from some of the largest companies across Europe!

    Confirmed exhibitors include:

    • PayPal – Ireland
    • Dell – Slovakia
    • Arvato GmbH - Germany
    • National Pen - Ireland
    • Concentrix – UK
    • Microsoft – Romania

    The event offers Swedish professionals access to hundreds of available positions in sectors such as Customer Service, Accountancy & Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, plus many more.

    If you are a Swedish speaker and you are interested in finding a great job that meets your skills in Europe then there is no better way to do this then through the virtual platform!

    Benefits of visiting the Scandinavian Relocation Virtual Fair:

    • The fair will have International companies and recruitment agencies throughout Europe that are interested in recruiting people with Swedish language skills.
    • Search through a wide range of positions across many industry specifications including Sales, Customer Service, IT, Tech Support, Accountancy/Finance, Marketing and many more
    • You will be able to have online live chats to leading employers as well as Recruitment Agencies whether it’s to ask a question or to discuss a wide range of employment opportunities.
    • Complete a career test where your skills will be best matched with the companies exhibiting to save time and energy whilst looking for a job
    • Leave your CV with HR professionals - It is essential that you have your CV up to date as you can leave your CV online as well as contact details with the HR Professionals on the exhibitor’s virtual stand.
    • Many companies will have advice on how to apply for their roles, information about the interview process and all other aspects, to help you find your perfect job on their virtual stand.
    • Download application forms if required, or watch video’s uploaded from recruiters
    • Discuss and chat live with other participants to share your views and opinions.

    The fair is online for 2 days from 9am (GMT) on the 25th June to 4pm (GMT) on the 26th June, so you can access the fair in the comfort of your own home at any time during this period without having to travel to a venue or another location.

    The Scandinavian Relocation Virtual Fair is completely free of charge however all candidates must pre-register before the event takes place. To avoid disappointment and delays, register for your pass to visit the virtual fair online today using the link below:


    We look forward to seeing your profile online!

    Bilingual People

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