when save parent, the children do not get saved. URGENT PLEASE.

Discussion in 'Java' started by leela1, Oct 25, 2007.

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    I have a question and it could be a very simple/silly question for you. Please reply back to my post immediately as soon as possible. Please treat this as very urgent. Thanks a lot for the help in advance.

    When I save a parent, the children do not get saved, unless i save them independently. Is there anyway that i can bypass saving children independently? I just wanted to make one call to save parent which should take care of saving children as well. please guide me. This is a unidirectional one-to-many mapping.

    <class name="Parent" lazy="true" proxy="Parent" table="parent"> 
    <cache usage="read-write"/> 
    <id name="id" access="field" type="long" > 
    <generator class="MyGenerator"></generator> 
    <!-- some properties here --> 
    <set name="children" cascade="all,delete-orphan" 
    <cache usage="read-write"/> 
    <key column="parentid" not-null="true"/> 
    <one-to-many class="Child"/> 
    here is the code :

    Session session1 = sf.openSession(); 
    Parent parent1 = (Parent )session1.load(Parent.class, 123); 
    parent parent2 = new Parent(parent1); 
    session1 .flush(); 
    Session session2 = sf.openSession(); 
    session2 .save(parent2); 
    session2 .flush(); 
    Please let me know what is wrong here. Thanks a lot.
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