How to run oracle 9i backup files in 10g client

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by avichal, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Hi !! I have a problem regarding oracle...plz suggest me solution regarding it.....

    I had earlier installed oracle 9i with windows XP plateform...then I decided to install
    oracle 10g keep this thing in my mind I took cold backup and kept all datafile
    control file, redolog file, init.ora file from oracle 9i database and stored in disk drive.
    After then I fully removed oracle 9i from system (from registry too) and installed oracle 10g client.....plz suggest me that 9i backup files are still useful to run in 10g client &
    what steps necessary for it.....


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    How exactly did you take the backup; did you use the EXP utility or did you just keep all the data files?

    If the former then you may be able to import though 10g IMP although iirc it's only recommended to IMP files generated with the same version of EXP.

    If the latter then sorry you have no chance. You will have to reinstall 9i, restore the data files, then export the data.

    If neither and you used the Oracle backup utility, this almost certainly won't work. Backup/restore is designed for backup and restore, NOT migration from one version to the next.

    Your post is slightly confusing too... You backed up the 9i database, then removed 9i database altogether and installed 10g client. You cannot import data files into a client-only installation, because there's no database present.

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