require urgent assistance with SXD VB project

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by jonr, Aug 9, 2011.

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    i need urgent assistance (will pay responable sum if work is involved). i am a strategic transport engineer and l have a project to develop a sysem of controlled data exchange from live data feeds to comon database which can then be quiered and strategies can be dveloped to better manage traffic responses.
    That said l have been given a UML file which details all the dataobject and the interactions between each object. problem is l cannot get it to display in viusal basic 2010 in a way l can use it to develop the database. The UML file is also has each dataobject to SXD fornat but again l try and intrdouce these files as classes for use in DB but they dont seem to come together.

    I am in urgent need of aasitance in this project its already four weeks overdue and l need o have a basic working model for tomorrow or else!!! can anyone assist and ell me were l am giong wrong and suggest best way foward ? I enclose the file for review

    thank you in advance for your assistance

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