Request for Help in Vbscript Settiing Range Object to Named Range

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by Dahlia, Oct 20, 2008.

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    I am new to this forum and was wondering if someone could help me with setting a Range object to a named range. The following code is in vbscript using WSH.

    In Excel I have named a group of contiguous cells (B3:E6) with the range name "le_adm_rng". I have tried various constructs in vbscript to set a Range object to this named range, none of which are working. I have included those examples in the code below.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Here is the script:
    ' Purpose: Update the raw data worksheet in a spreadsheet with data from a csv file 
    ' Input: 
    ' Excel: Name of excel spreadsheet to be updated 
    ' Worksheet: Name of worksheet to update 
    ' Csv: Name of csv file from which data will be copied 
    ' Example: 
    ' cscript updExcelData.vbs /excel:oce_100k_template.xls /worksheet:le_b /csv:list_element_admin.csv 
    ' Constants 
    Const xlAppStr = "Excel.Application" 
    excelFileName = WScript.Arguments.Named.Item("Excel") 
    csvFileName = WScript.Arguments.Named.Item("CSV") 
    worksheetName = WScript.Arguments.Named.Item("Worksheet") 
    ' Connect to Excel 
    Set ExcelObj = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 
    ExcelRunning = IsAppRunning(xlAppStr) 
    If ExcelRunning Then 
    Set xlApp = GetObject(, xlAppStr) 
    Set xlApp = CreateObject(xlAppStr) 
    End If 
    ' Open or create the excel file to modify 
    Set FSObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 
    excelFileName = FSObj.GetAbsolutePathName(excelFileName) 
    If FSObj.FileExists(excelFileName) Then 
    xlApp.Workbooks.Open excelFileName 
    Set editWB = xlApp.ActiveWorkbook 
    Set editWB = xlApp.Workbooks.Add 
    editWB.SaveAs excelFileName 
    End If 
    Set editOrigWS = editWB.ActiveSheet 
    Set editWND = xlApp.ActiveWindow 
    ' Create/Update the worksheet with the CSV file data 
    csvFileName = FSObj.GetAbsolutePathName(csvFileName) 
    xlApp.Workbooks.Open csvFileName 
    Set rawWB = xlApp.ActiveWorkbook 
    Set objFrRange = rawWB.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D8") 
    Set editWS = FindWorksheet(editWB, worksheetName) 
    [COLOR=DarkRed]' -----This is the original code and this works fine, I would like to replace the B3:E26 with a named range [/COLOR] 
    Set objToRange = editWS.Range("B3:E26")
    [COLOR=DarkRed]' -----Here are the examples of what I have tried that didn't work 
    ' ----- Set objToRange = editWS.Range("le_adm_rng") 
    ' ----- Set objToRange = editWS.Range.Name("le_adm_rng") 
    ' ----- Set objToRange = editWB.Names("le_adm_rng") 
    ' ----- Set objToRange = editWB.Names.Range.Name("le_adm_rng")[/COLOR]
    objToRange.PasteSpecial -4163,-4142,False,False 
    editWB.Close True 
    Set editWB = Nothing 
    rawWB.Close True 
    Set rawWB = Nothing 
    If Not ExcelRunning Then xlApp.Quit 
    Set xlApp = Nothing 
    Function IsAppRunning(app) 
    Dim xlApp 
    On Error Resume Next 
    Set xlApp = GetObject(, app) 
    IsExcelRunning = (Err.Number = 0) 
    Set xlApp = Nothing 
    End Function 
    ' Find or create the worksheet 
    Function FindWorksheet (workbook, wsName) 
    ws = Empty 
    For Each w In workbook.Worksheets 
    If w.Name = wsName Then 
    Set ws = w 
    Exit For 
    End If 
    If IsEmpty(ws) Then 
    Set ws = workbook.Worksheets.Add 
    ws.Name = wsName 
    End If 
    Set FindWorksheet = ws 
    End Function
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