Can any one reply for my java questions?I need accurate ans for them very badly.

Discussion in 'Java' started by SantoshMohapatra, Oct 26, 2010.

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    I am santosh.Very less experience in java..Now facing below questions to clear a client round for java/j2ee.Can any one help me out to ans them.Even I need some one continuous advice( Suggestion) to proceed in learning java in a better way.
    I am from Bangalore.I can contact over ph if any one want to help me from Bangalore.
    My mail ID:

    Find My Questions:

    Question 1. How you will read details from .txt file and insert in to Database?
    2.What do you understand Java API.How exceptions are defined there?How it is usefull for you in a regular basic?
    3.How you will do Java Versioning Please explain me a senirio from your current application? When we will change the version from 1.4 to 1.5( 1.5 to 1.6) what kind of advantages and new features our application will get?
    4. What kind of( A) Environment Issues/(B) Application Issues( Errors)/(C ) Database Issues you faced in your past experience.Can U explain with a detail solution from your experience.?
    5. How JUNIT Test case helped you to test any senerio of your current Java Project in a better way? Can you write few lines of code to explain any recent senerio from your project. Do you plan to use test cases before using …or how you use them. Any best practices ( what the versions?)
    6. Have you used Marker Interface in you current of past project? Can you explain with any senerio from your project to make me understand the requirement of using this Interface?
    7. What is the very recent issue you face in your current Project? Where you found that your last 4 years of Java Experience is still not enough to resolve the issue?
    Then you refer Java forum of any senior Team Mate or Architect and resolve the issue. Please explain with detail.

    8. Collection plays a big role in Java Projects? How you use collection in your project design? Do you think about all type of collections and then you use to decide which one will fulfil your requirements? Or how ….Means before writing collection code. Can you explain few scenarios from your current project? { Where you take decision of Using : SET : Vector

    : Hash Set : Hast Table : Tree Set : Dictionary}
    How you justify that using of this above collection is the most best approach of using collections for to meet your requirements? Explain any senerio from your project.

    9. Why you use factory pattern in your project (Abstract Factory Pattern ,Factory Pattern ,Singleton Pattern….etc).How it helps you to resolve your any working issues in your current project?Explain senerio from your current project after using factory pattern and before using it?.

    Thanks a lot in Advance..who ever looking towards all questions .... :worried::worried::worried:
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    Ans 4 ques 1.

    first you have to read the content of file
    1. create an object of FileInputStream() : inputFile
    2. get the byte stream by calling fuction getBytes(): inputfile.getBytes()
    3. the you can directly pass this byte stream in sql query for the blob type of column.

    Ans 4 ques 8.
    Collection API:
    There are many collection interface like set, map, collection, list etc.
    set: it will be used when you require unique value only.
    map : it will be used for storing (key, value) pairs.
    list : it is just to store list of values.
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