remove virus from your hard disk compltely

Discussion in 'Windows' started by reddyschintuo, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Note:this post's main intention is to help normal users-ofcourse there are many other techniques for advanced users

    there is nothing difficult in this say simply jus scanning ur pc by connecting ur hard disk to other pc

    many people format there hard disk totally even they have useful data cos of virus

    but if we do follow these simple technique its very east

    steps to be followed

    just connect your hard disk to one of ur friends computer who have updated antivirus-avira (Recommended)

    when u connect the disk u can see extra drives in his system

    just go scan drive by drive.when it detects a virus just check .delete the similar type files.u r done will delete all the virus and u can see ur files are safe and in can if u loose some windows files u can just format windows drive [​IMG]

    when you scan you can see that window .just check delete and u can also see another option to check "delete the similar type files" just check those 2 you go do your work it will take some time ...depends on ur storage capacity and virus your harddisk is virus free with all your data

    if you dont hav any computer avalable to connect your hard disk you can do scan your hard disk with your own computer.but the process may be slow.

    this may look very simple but this is very useful and easy for normal users and ofcourse advacned users dosn't need this post becos they know wat to do
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    Can I Say Just Install a Good Anti Virus in short ?
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    s of course.

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