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Remote Access within an Intranet

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by k2snowboarder627, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. k2snowboarder627

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    Dec 28, 2012
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    This is a two part post...

    Part 1

    I am attempting to find the easiest and most effective method to have access to an employees computer within our network so that I may copy the contents of his hard drive to our server so that at any given time the company's Vice President may look over the files as close to real time as possible. Granted, he could go into the office and look over the contents without having to have the remote connection but this is how he'd like it to be done.

    Part 2

    I would also like to create a batch file that will search the hard drive for files that have been created, modified, or accessed within a given time frame. The output of this batch file can either be a list of the files being discussed or it can copy the files to a drive on our server.

    Thanks for any help or a point in the right direction even. I have looked online but a lot of the remote connection software packages cost money and it's difficult to find unbiased and worthy reviews. And with the batch file I'd like to know how it is working, not just the code, if at all possible. Thanks again.


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