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Discussion in 'MFC' started by rahulrastogi2, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I have created a Regular MFC DLL Statically linked.

    My application first loads a Non-MFC DLL that inturns loads the regular MFC DLL.

    In my regular MFC DLL - i have exported a function that creates a dialog and displays it.
    Now the problem is if i try to dispay the dialog as modal then dialog does get displayed but no click events on buttons etc are called to close the dialog. As the dialog is modal i cannot access my applciation backgroud window and i have to shut the application forcefully.
    If i try to display the dialog is modaless then the dialog is not displayed.

    Similary I have also tried to display the textbox on my application dialog through Regular MFC DLL by passing the appliaction dialog hwnd. The textbox does get displayed on my application dialog but I cannot edit the text. It seems no events are handled.

    I have also search on net and found somewhere written that i have to first call CWinApp::PreTranslateMessage() in case of modeless dialog because modeless dialog does not have its on message pump. I dont understand these things as i am new to MFC.

    I am looking for the exact solution.

    I am stuck at this point and cannot proceed with my application developement.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me out.

    Rahul Rastogi

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