Problem with the reference to (CTreeCtrlEx)

Discussion in 'C' started by rag84dec, Jun 15, 2009.

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    I have an MFC dialog which has a Tree(CTreeCtrlEx) structure where each node is a combo box.
    I want to have a "Cancel" button which will cancel the option chosen by the user and goes with
    the user chosen previosly.I have a cancel button but,as soon as the user changes the (CTreeCtrlEx)
    item,the values will be changed.

    Now all i want is to store the previous option and compared to DoModal return.and use the oprions

    Currently, i am doing like this ,i have mentioned below
    OC_Dlg_PureMFC_Test_Options_c is a subclass of CTreeCtrlEx
    OC_Dlg_PureMFC_Test_Options_c(m_Options).DoModal();  // m_Options is a reference...
    How will i save the previous m_Options?....Any idea?
    I tried doing the following ...

    OC_TestOptions_Common_c *temp = new OC_TestOptions_Common_c(m_Options);
    OC_Dlg_PureMFC_Test_Options_c(m_Options).DoModal();  // m_Options is a reference...

    But i dont know how to turn it back to m_Options... can any one help me??

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