Real Life Game Engine?

Discussion in 'Game programming' started by michael j g, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I have being thinking of a new idea to make Games look 99% Real which is confusing since no one will ever get to that point in time.

    My idea includes scans and high level colouring of pixals.

    With a Few Games the are maybe at 47% Real. My idea is way Extencive since you need to scan.

    First of all to get a real life terrain you need to get all that you want like Sand, Warter, Grass, Hills, ETC.

    You then need to build your Scean. 1 Week of Work. This is Even Expensiver than Makeing with a map maker.
    Then Scan to the pc With a Huge Scaner that will scan all of the map.

    After you need to make it so you can walk on it. A lot of work their. Hights and other values will be needed to compleat this prossece.

    When you scan it will Make 4 Maps.
    One Black and white image. <Hight>

    One Thermal. <Warter Land Serparter>
    One Real Image. <The Scan>
    One Colour map. <Texture Locator>
    That is what is needed.

    Anyone that likes it please say so.

    Main ask: (Why not just make a map with a map maker?)
    Answer: (Might not come out to the Real Qulity that you want!)
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    well what you are suggesting is widely discueed, but it is really difficult to archive the propect mainly in a game
    several reasons include the added time + many problems like the physic of nature cannot be truely interpreted using a language
    but detailing has reached some point these days
    see this, you'll get an idea of it

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