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    I have a situation: Develop a databse that determines the percentage of ***Employeees*** filled in a **Department** to find the perentage of people assigned to a **Company**** as well as the total number of Employees Assigned to a company to find the percentage of people that are assigned to a ***Conglomerate***.

    Brain FART!!! OK Pretty simple (or so it sounds)......
    I am given a companyNum (Ex 101, 102 can also be A201, B201 C201, etc...... ), which is unique by itself to describe a ****Company*****.

    Then I have a departmentNum, which is 2 digits (Ex 01, 02 etc). Each companyNum has a different # of departmenNum, could be 01 through 03, or 01 through 10.... which is assigned to each companyNum.

    Then I have a *jobDescription*(Ex Sales Associate), which is repeated several times throughout. (Many ppl may be a Sales Associate).

    Then I have payGrade..... Standard set of values (only so many to deal with) (Ex... E1 through E9, O1 through O6 ***O-not-0***), which is unique to each employee. However, the grades are assigned to a **jobCode** which would be the companyName & departmentNum. Someone who is getting paid as an E3 could be in a slot that is meant for an E5 (variable payGrades for each ***Job Code***) (more on that later).

    Then I have a *jobDescCode* (ex, Supervisor, Clerk) This is repeated many times for Example, your jobDescCode may be Manager..... but there are several people with the same jobCode as you even if they get paid more (Grade). (Same jobDecsCode, higher payGrade).

    OK..... give up yet???? I bet u will........ each Line_Number (Assigned to a ParNum), is authorized a certain num of ppl. This number changes from time to time (variable). There is also a TOAL Number of PPL assigned to the Line_Num for each ParaNum.

    OK So each paraNum has a certain Num of people it is AUTHORIZED to have, but they can possibly have less, and possibly have more than Authorized.

    Still here? I friggin love you, but anyways...... Now to dig to the lowest level, The **Employee***. Each Employee is assigned a companyNum, a departmentNum, and a jobDescription, a payGrade, and a jobDescCode.

    Not one Employee will have the same social, so it would sound great to make the social the primary focus of the databse, however....... you need to account for positions that are authorized even though they may not have someone assigned to them (get it?!?! ParaNum & Line_num + person assigned to it = 1 person assigned to that position (Number assigned to each position is the main focus here)).

    Ok so.......... each person has a SSN(unique to them), a Last Name, First Name, MI, companyCode (which will be the same as oher emplyees,), departmentNum (simliar again), jobDescription, payGrade, jobDescCode.

    Alright, so you know all the attributes that I am dealin with.

    I am given a certain # of people Authorized for each company.... In addition, there is a certain Number of people Auhorized for each Department. These are constants (may change every year or 2, but looking for a way to just change the Authorized Number). So each Depatment has a certain Number of Employees Assigned, divided by the number authorized times 100... will give you a **Strength** report for the Department, a percent. Each company is made up of (n) number of Departments (remember back then?)....
    So. each company also has a total number that it is authorized, and a total number the it is assigned(The TOTAL ASSIGNED for each Department divided by the # of Employees Authorized for a company will give you a percent strength for the company.

    Cool, still with me? ok, each company is part of a conglomerate.... a total if you will of all the companies..... so the total # of assigned employees divided by the total number authorized will give you the percentage of personnel assigned compared to the amount authorized.

    Too easy right???? NO!!! So, I need a report that lists not only the company strength within the congloerate, but also the JobDescCode percent for the conglomerate as a whole.

    If you actually read all of this I applaud you and will tell you that I am willing to compensate you for your help. I can't afford DB Manager salaries, but Figure how much it's worth to you to help out a war vet sill in the Army and I'll see what I can do for you..
    N Kid

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