reading msg buffer from local port

Discussion in 'C' started by raju4756, Sep 6, 2009.

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    my current problem is i have message keep coming to my local system port from one of my networked computer..
    that is through socket programming(using udp).. and the application which im running in my system is win32 not mfc based...

    and my project doesn't allow me to use mfc (might sound strange.. where cAsynchronous class is the only solution for an asynchronous UDP socket, i googled so far..).. and if there is a way to read incoming message (asynchronously and doesn't block my that i run the rest of my processes which include my menu handling, and blah, blah, blah, is there is a message of some type i should read it as it comes.. otherwise do my rest of the processess)....

    previously just to recieve some msg outside mfc using udp i worked with recievefrom and other recieve functions that come with udp socket class members.. (and i even don't need the need to notify the incoming message thats why i went to udp not tcp..)

    so finally what i need is just recieve message buffer from my local port.. and my work is done...

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