Reading a file from command line

Discussion in 'C' started by Enig.Ma, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    I recently have an assignment which will read a file from command line.

    e.g. myprogram < input

    1.) Would like to clarify that the way to read the inputs of the file would be to use fgets()? I have also tried using fscanf, and am not sure on which to go with. I have also searched through this forum and found sscanf, again, not sure on which one to use.

    2.) A second problem I have encountered is that I have no idea on how to "break" the input up into how I want them to be.

    The contents of the input file is a mixture of alphabets and numbers.

    My understanding of fgets() is that it would read the whole line as a string right? So, for example the line read is " c918 = a1203 ". Could you point me in the right direction as to how I would convert that string "c918 = a1203" to an integer -> 918, and hex -> a1203.

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help :)
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    Use command line argument then.... using command line argument just pass the file u want to read and inside ur program output the file content in the console using file operations....

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