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Discussion in 'C' started by Azreal, Dec 21, 2006.

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    Hello, I have never made an app in c++, or c for that matter. I am a Visual Basic guy.

    I have currently ran into a project that I need C++ for, so I have came here for some help.

    I need to somehow make a text box take up my whole form, which will be the whole size of the screen. And I want it to load a file with rtf format.

    I am new, and C++ seems quite difficult. How about someone just shows me how to make a simple form at any resolution and load a regular, blank textbox on it.

    The project I am working on is for a new, beginner os, and I am not allowed to say anymore. The person said it wont be .exe at all, but something else, they will tell me after I do this. But, it is important that the richtextbox is read only, you aren't suppose to be able to edit it. It is suppose to load a file to read.

    Please someone show me how to make a form with textbox, maybe even explain it and even load a richtextbox to it for rtf file.

    I hope I can get a little help.


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