Some questions regarding 2 dime array :) ...pls help me..

Discussion in 'C' started by cuty_nikka, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. cuty_nikka

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    Aug 14, 2006
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    plz help me :( .. i cant fine the answers on google :(

    1. What is the other term used to refer to a two dime array?

    2. If an array has been declared as arr[4][3], how many elements do
    you have?

    3. An array should always start its index at zero?

    4. The statement int arr[20]={1,2}; is a valid statement?

    5. The last allowable index to be used in an array is size-1?

    6. What do you call a data structure having a sequence of elements of the
    same type?

    7. In the statement int arr[30]={1,2,3}; what is the size of the array?

    8. An array which is automatically expanded to accommodate new objects
    if filled beyond its current size?

    9. The function call displayMe(arr[5]); is a valid statement?

    10. The function header void displayME(arr,size); is a valid statement?

    11. Is an array a data structure or an algorithm?

    12. The shrinking and expanding of the memory allocation of a dynamic
    array is similar to what other data structure?

    13. You cannot use an array without declaring first the header file

    14. What is the initial value of an array when declared inside a function?
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    Duplicate of [thread=1201]Some questions regarding 2 dime array :) ...pls help me..[/thread]. Thread closed.
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