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Question about memory, word addressable and byte addressable

Discussion in 'Java' started by angrynapkin, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. angrynapkin

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Hey all, I just want to introduce myself as a 3rd year CS student. I'm taking a CS course that deals with ASM and we happen to use .j and .class quite a bit. The thing that's been holding me back is understanding concepts of memory. I have a few questions from an old HW assignment that I want to get a deeper understanding before I embark on my cumulative project. I went to my prof. for help but she just gave me answers and sent me on my way (sadly that doesn't always work). I'm thinking I might have missed something in the lecture or lecture notes, but I haven't found anything. Posting in forums is my last resort, I'd hate for anyone to think I was trying to get answers. Anywho, these are the questions and answers, and if anyone could understand the concepts behind the answers and the right path to get there, I'd be extremely grateful.

    1. (6 points)
    How many bits would you need to address a memory with 2M 4-byte words if
    a) The memory is byte-addressable?
    23 bits
    b) The memory is word-addressable?
    21 bits

    2. (3 points)
    Assume a computer can use at most 18-bits to store a main memory address. Determine the maximum size of the main memory if it is byte-addressable.
    Maximum size in bytes:
    256 KB (kilobytes)

    3. (4 points)
    Assume a 16K-byte memory. What are the lowest and highest address if the memory is
    word-addressable, assuming a 32-bit word?
    Lowest address: 0

    Highest address: 2^(12) - 1

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