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Discussion in 'C' started by tommytopple, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Hello people. I am trying to develope a html link that when i click on ym web site will contact my c+ server. In this link i wish to tack on the end a variable like how people do it in php with a ? after the address and before the variable.

    I know so far that if my server is running and i type local host into my web browser that it will make a connetion with my server. So the concept is working right. This will only work with my loopback address and local host which are the same thing. If i try to use my ip address for this, it will not work. this is veyr annoying and i dont understand why if my loopback address works why wont my ip. I need to be able to use my ip to finish this concept to fully work.

    Ive come to a few conclusions. Either it is a port forwarding problem or i need to use a domain name to do that. I want to do all of this without having to upload a web site, and all. I hear it is possable to type your ip address into a browser and connect with your home server. please help thank you and good bye.
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    Are you using an external IP address or an internal one? If you're trying to use the one assigned you by your ISP there's a good chance this is the cause of the problem. Instead use the one assigned you by your router. So for example if I type "ipconfig" in a DOS box I see my router has assigned me the IP address So and should both have the same effect.

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