Quarterly get count of license and store in file

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by bongalegre, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Hi Guys,

    I really hope you could help me I am just new in Oracle but my boss is forcing me to do scripting he said everything is available online. I tried to create but he said it was wrong maybe you can give me a helping hand.

    This will be my crontab entry
    * * 1 1,4,7,10 * . .profile; /root/bin/SubLicenseCounter.sh QUARTERLY >>/trace/SubLicenseCount.log 2>&1

    sqlplus owner/owner
    select count(*) from tb_subscription s, tb_counter cnt where s.tb_destinationaddress is not null and s.tb_ID = cnt.tb_ID and cnt.tb_SENDVALUE>0;

    Please help. Thanks!


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