Qt/C++ Developer with linux knowledge

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    Job Title: C++/Qt Developer
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Posted: 10/23/2007
    Expires: On going hiring
    Starting: ASAP
    Type: Permanent

    Must Have Skills:

    There is an immediate opportunity for a senior software developer to join our team providing consulting services to a variety of clients.

    Successful candidates will work with clients in a variety of industries including telephony and mobile devices, scientific and educational, medical systems, media, and security.


    Strong programming skills
    Knowledge of POSIX and Linux syAbility to work with multithreaded applications and algorithms
    Understanding of algorithm complexity and exposure to a wide range of algorithms
    Strong working knowledge of C++ (OOP)
    Exposure to Trolltech's Qt toolkit
    Ability to work in Linux, Mac OS X, and MS Windows environments
    Knowledge of XML, HTML, Javascript, SQL
    Strong writing skills and ability to document work
    An understanding of the computer and internet communities (ex: OpenSource)

    Familiarity with a wide variety of software development toolsstem APIs

    PLease feel free to contact me at martin@gurulink.ca or 416.642.6854
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    any opening for ce 2007

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