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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by toke, May 31, 2006.

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    Im new to these forums and therefore did'nt know where to post, sry.

    but i have a request for somethign that i need for my website.

    If you go on you will find that their is a topbar. It connects lot sof websites through dropdown boxes that will increase traffic for all of the sites.

    I have decided to create 1 of these for my comany 'Tokenet'. I need a code that can be inserted into all of the websites that need te topbar that will insert the topbar and make them all automatically update.

    For any1 who can do this i am offering items from my ebay shop for free, it includes mp3 players, mp4 players, flash drives, pc's and information products, So i will be postign here with the prize shortly.

    I have another thing which is not so hard. There is a script that i found on the internet called turboseek. It is a search engine builder which i will p ut on the companies homepage.The only problem is, i cant install it. It's simple stuff (which i can't do) like editing lines in php scripts and stuff. Full installation instructions are at

    If anyone can do this just post here and i will give them the informatuion they need and all of the files needed.

    The prize is the same for this as it is for the topbar.

    Thanks for your time

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