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    We are a Hong Kong based company with plans to launch a new community-project and we're currently looking for a freelancer to develop our site. Our project is divided into several different phases in which the first one should be quite simple. If all goes well during phase one, we will be happy to offer you a lot more work.

    Since we are hoping for a longer-lasting colaboration with you and our company we're hoping to find a person who is experienced and dedicated to working as a programmer. That you have a currently exciting portfolio of previous jobs that you can present us with is a requirement.

    This job can be for one person or a team, it can be for just providing code or both code and design. We already have a good designer on-board however, but if you have someone you insist on working with and we approve that's also a possibility.

    I will try to summarize a short description of what we will need during phase 1, the plan is to add common community-features to this website after 1.5 - 2 months. Specifics will be e-mailed upon request.

    Initially, we want a nightlife-oriented website with four main features; Party-pictures, internet radio, upcoming events and forum. Our site is a nightlife-source we're people can come to gossip in the forums, se what happened last night in the pictures, talk about it in comments, see whats coming up in our event calendar and listen to the hottest music through our online radio station.

    Implement and customize SimpleViewer ( to display pictures on our site. We will upload around 5 galleries per day to this website, therefore a well-structured archive and good sorting/searching features is a must.

    A blogg-style front page where thumbnails linking to the full galleries are displayed along with a caption telling time & place.

    People should be able to comment the pictures. To display and write comments should require login.

    The website should track most viewed/commented pictures today, this week, this month, this year and display that on a separate page. ("Top pictures").

    Very standard, no specific requests i guess. Feel free to customize phpBB or smth. The forum login should be the same as the comments, preferably comments/forum should have the same "engine"/look/feel.

    There is an existing website that has a system which we want an identical version of, shouldn't be complicated.

    We will use software from, it offers out-of-the-box web-features, these needs to be intergrated on our site. There are FAQ's and guides for this as well as a support forum, shouldn't be complicated.

    Tip-a-friend functions; A simple popup letting people send out a tip to a friends e-mail address.

    Some standard software to handle advertising on the website needs to be installed.

    This is just the initial launch-stage of our site. When it drives enough traffic to create an active community (This will be within 1.5-2 months with our marketing plan) we'll need you to implement all the standard community features as well as some specific ones. We therefore think it's very important that you are "overqualified" for the initial job so we'll be able to work with you later on when the real work needs to be done. See the first phase as a trial if you want.

    If you're in Shanghai, you can sit in our office and do this, but i suspect that won't be the case so working and communicating online is fine. You'll work according to a blueprint of the site, us in the company, you and the designer will make and agree on this blueprint together. Our designer designs based on this blueprint, you code the design and intergrate the features.

    I understand that dealing with someone who posts his first post on a random forum might feel sketchy. We're a brand new company as well, however, we're very transparent and willing to sign on terms. We have people who can represent us in Sweden, UK and USA and will give you any information you need in order to feel comfortable in working with us.

    Payments can be made in different stages etc. depending on your preference. It's not a problem as long as you deliver according to agreement.

    I understand this description is very brief and it might be hard to give a quote with only this information, please contact me with further questions. Payment is project-based and will be done through Paypal, Western Union etc or Bank Transfer (If your bank is easy to transfer to from ours; HSBC).

    Contact me via PM here initially, after that I'd prefer if we could talk via Skype or Phone.
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    still opening

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