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Discussion in 'Win32' started by theGhost_k8, Jun 24, 2006.

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    what i'm trying to do is go pass a structure to different application usin WM_COPYDATA and sendmessage... may be the problem lies in marshalling .. please have a look and help me.......
    solve the error.. i'm not able to recv data using wm_copydata by RPC
    sending :: passing message to different application...
           Dim data As CopyData
            Dim message As String = "this is to be sent"
            Dim obj As struct
            obj.s = "trialDAMN"
            data.lpData = Marshal.AllocHGlobal(Marshal.SizeOf(obj))
            data.dwData = obj
            Marshal.StructureToPtr(obj, data.lpData, True)
            data.cbData = Marshal.SizeOf(obj)
            data.lpData = Marshal.StringToHGlobalAuto(message)
            Dim hwndTarget As IntPtr
            Dim MessageId As IntPtr
            hwndTarget = Me.GET_HANDLE_TWO
            MessageId = ONE_TO_TWO_MESSAGEID()
            ' send the data
            SendMessage(hwndTarget, WM_COPYDATA, Me.Handle, data)
    receiving and handling message and data.... using wndproc( dfsdfasdf )
       Protected Overrides Sub WndProc(ByRef m As System.Windows.Forms.Message)
            Select Case m.Msg
                Case WM_COPYDATA
                    Dim data As CopyData
                    Dim message As String
                    Dim obj As struct
                    obj = CType(m.GetLParam(GetType(CopyData)), CopyData).dwData
                    MsgBox("lets c--" & obj.s)
                    data = CType(m.GetLParam(GetType(CopyData)), CopyData)
                    MsgBox("size of --- " & Marshal.SizeOf(data).ToString)
                    obj = CType(m.GetLParam(GetType(struct)), struct)
                    obj = Marshal.PtrToStructure(CType(m.GetLParam(GetType(CopyData)), CopyData).lpData, GetType(struct))
                    MsgBox("object's data is --- " & obj.s)
                    MsgBox("Dwdata contents are : " & data.dwData.s.ToString)
                    obj = data.dwData  ' CType(data.dwData, struct)
                    MsgBox("Object's data obtained 2nd method -- " & obj.s)

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