Problem plotting xyscatterchart using arrays

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by sharathdude, May 21, 2010.

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    Hello everyone

    I am trying to plot a Xyscatter chart using arrays inside a chartspace. My code is as follows

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    'Create arrays for the x-values and the y-values
    'Dim xValues As Variant, yValues1 As Variant, yValues2 As Variant
    Dim ext_boom As Integer
    Dim xValues(2182), yValues(2182) As Variant

    For ext_boom = 1380 To 2182 Step 1
    [c53].Value = ext_boom
    xValues(ext_boom) = [c62].Value
    yValues(ext_boom) = [c63].Value

    ChartSpace1.Height = 494
    ChartSpace1.Width = 556
    Dim chConstants
    Dim Spreadsheet1 As OWC10.Spreadsheet

    'Set the data source of the chart to the Spreadsheet control.
    Set Spreadsheet1 = CreateObject("OWC10.Spreadsheet")
    Spreadsheet1.Range("A1", "Z1000") = Sheet1.Range("A1", "Z1000").Value
    Set ChartSpace1.DataSource = Spreadsheet1
    Set chConstants = ChartSpace1.Constants

    'Create a Xy scatter chart chart.
    ChartSpace1.Charts(0).Type = chChartTypeScatterLine

    'Set oChart = ChartSpace1.Charts.Add
    'Add a title to the chart
    'oChart.HasTitle = True
    'oChart.Title.Caption = "WORK ENVELOPE"

    With ChartSpace1.Charts(0)
    .SeriesCollection(0).SetData chConstants.chDimSeriesNames, chConstants.chDataBound, "a2"
    .SeriesCollection(0).SetData chConstants.chDimValues, chDataLiteral, xValues(2182)
    .SeriesCollection(0).SetData chConstants.chDimValues, chDataLiteral, yValues(2182)
    .SeriesCollection(0).Line.Color = "black"
    .SeriesCollection(0).Line.Weight = xlThin
    .SeriesCollection(0).Line.Miter = xlContinuous

    'Add a series to the chart with the x-values and y-values
    'from the arrays and set the series type to a column chart
    'Dim oSeries As WCSeries
    'Set oSeries = oChart.SeriesCollection.Add
    'With oSeries
    '.SetData chDimValues, chDataLiteral, xValues
    '.SetData chDimValues, chDataLiteral, yValues
    '.Type = chChartTypeScatterLine

    End With
    End Sub


    I get error " The specified chart dimension is not valid for current chart type"
    in the line
    .SeriesCollection(0).SetData chConstants.chDimValues, chDataLiteral, xValues(2182)

    Please help me to correct the code. I am also attaching my workbook

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