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    Hi, i need help with my c.w i know this is not the right place to ask but i have no other choice ! I had a friend who was suppose to help me to do this but went to holiday and now i have till 3rd april to submit this or i'll fail :(( :(( :((

    Please Pleasee pleaseeee i'm not good at c++ i've been trying to find a way to do this for 2weeks now but i couldn't i've never felt this dumb in my life !!! :((

    Please send me anything that you think will help me out :((

    Part 1:

    Write a makefile for the fraction class. Use the makefile to help in producing and testing the arithmetic operations that were originally left incomplete. (i.e. the subtraction, the multiplication and the division).

    Note:subtraction can be achieved by adding (by changing the sign of the numerator - this can be achieved by multiplying it by -1). Multiplication may be achieved by multiplying the numerators and multiplying the denominators. Division of A/B ΒΈ C/D = (A*D) / (B*C)

    Test carefully.

    Part 2:

    You are asked to add an additional operation to class Fraction.

    This operation will be called display2() and should otherwise have a prototype similar to display().
    The new operation will display fractions where the numerator has a greater value than the denominator (what I used to call top heavy fractions and I believe are sometimes called improper fractions) in a format x y/z where x,y,z are whole numbers and y< z.

    Thus the fraction 9/5 would display as 1 4/5.

    A fraction such as 3/3 should display as 1 (not 1 0/0 or anything silly like that!)

    A fraction such as 2/3 should display as 2/3 (not 0 2/3)

    A fraction which is actually 0/0 should display as 0.

    Complete the writing of display2() so that it behaves as specified. Test appropriately.

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