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perl script/program upload small file to a very large number of newsgroups

Discussion in 'Perl' started by Marc Rousseau, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Marc Rousseau

    Marc Rousseau New Member

    Mar 4, 2020
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    Hi all, I'm looking for a newsgroup bulk upload perl script with which I can upload a small file (940 bytes)
    to a very large number of newsgroups (serveral 1000's) that are listed in another file.
    Also it has to login using username/password to newsgroup provider

    Althought I already have Thunderbird, which is very conveiniant for desktop, its not up to the job
    since for each newsgroup I want to upload I have to subscribe to the newsgroup and then manually
    upload the small file to that group

    I have search for "newsgroup bulk upload perl script" using google
    but couldn't find anywhing. I also went on CPAN
    but nothing either

    The script has to work within a shell (ex: bash, sh, csh, etc)

    any ideas are welcome


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