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    CMP Ref# |Item No.|Ordered Qty| Remaining Open| Received|Sum itemquantity|Needed
    610551 ****121910 ****400 ********400 *******400 ********800 ****-400
    610551 ****301308 ****400 ********400 *******400 ********800 ****-400
    610552 ****121910 ****400 ********400 *******400 ********800 ****-400
    610552 ****301308 ****400 ********400 *******400 ********800 ****-400

    The problem with the above is that im doing remainingopen - sum(itemquantity) over (partition by itemcode),
    ie. remaining open = 400 - sumitemqauantiy = 800 = -400
    the actual remaining amount is 0 but since it looks at the two sales order the calculation is therefore incorrect.

    so as you can see above the item 121910 appears on two sales orders, so when i sum on that item it gives me the wrong quantity needed, which should be 0.

    basically 400 of 121910 is assigned to 610551 and same for 610552 but the sum ignores the sales order number.

    the reason why i need a sum of items received is because they came in more than 1 receipt. for example the 400 are 100 +100 +200 than that really throws the calculation off. so I take the sum of the receipts and subtract it from the qty remaining open to give me the needed amount.

    But as you can see the sum looks globally at all sales orders.

    if I use where salesordernum = '610551' then I have no problem, however I want to look at it globally

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