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    Organic Traffic Tip #1 Link Building

    Link building plays a role in SEO. The search engines take notice of the quality of links. Make sure all the links to your blog are relevant. Links from high PR and same niche blogs will help with SEO.

    Organic Traffic Tip # 2 Blog Frequency

    Be regular in your blogging posting and updates. Search engine crawlers take notice of this and up your search engines. A blog that posts regularly is better than one that fails to frequently post up new content. Make sure your articles relate to your website.

    Organic Traffic Tip #3 Repeated Traffic

    Make sure you can get people back to your blog. Create a benefit for others that no other blog can give people. If you share unique benefits, people will want to return to your blog. Create high quality content and provide useful information. Make your content so good that people will bookmark your blog.

    Organic Traffic Tips #4 The “RIGHT” Way

    Do not get your blog blacklisted. When you promote your blog, do it the right way. Overtime, you can achieve good rankings and reach your long-term goals. When in doubt, listen to your heart.

    I know we sometimes get caught up in getting fast results, but sometimes it makes us forget the small important things. We always look for shortcuts, and although I believe there are many great marketing shortcuts out there, I believe there is no way around consistency and hard work. Even with the best of tools it takes a lot of patience to be successful.

    We should look for not only the fastest way but the right way. To combine these two ideas together is essential for a successful online business. Follow these organic traffic tips consistently to get an increase in consistent traffic.

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